How are You Contributing to Mold in the Home?

Mold in the home is a problem that no one wants to deal with. Watch out for these mistakes that cause mold to grow, and make a conscious effort to prevent mold problems at home.

High Humidity at Home

Mold grows in areas of high moisture, so you should try to eliminate moisture in the home. Monitor the humidity of indoor air with a hygrometer and use a dehumidifier in rooms where the humidity is over 50%. 35-50% humidity in the home is ideal for preventing mold growth and keeping your living space comfortable.

Ignoring Leaks and Spills

Standing water is one of the biggest threats to a healthy home. When a pipe underneath the sink has a slow drip or water spills on the carpet, mold is likely to grow. Be vigilant about checking for plumbing leaks and cleaning up spills.

Poor Ventilation Leads to Mold in the Home

Mold in the home tends to grow when there is not proper ventilation in the bathroom and kitchen. Effective ventilation fans vent to the outdoors. Forgetting to turn fans on when cooking or showering is a mistake which leads to mold growth in these areas. Fan ventilation into the attic is another mistake that was made during construction. If this is the case at your house, check the attic for mold.

A Dirty Shower Curtain Liner

Forgetting to wash or replace the shower curtain liner can lead to mold spreading throughout the bathroom. The shower curtain liner is often the place where mold appears first, and then the spores become airborne and attach to shower walls and caulking. If you have a fabric shower curtain liner, throw it in the washing machine regularly. Use the hot water setting and add a few towels to help scrub it clean. If you have a plastic shower curtain liner, replace it at the first sign of mold.

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