In the last few years, there has been more use of unmanned aircraft in home inspections, better known as drones. Drones can capture images of inaccessible places that help homeowners and buyers understand the condition of the roof and property. Inspectors who use drones in home inspections are able to provide more thorough information than inspectors that don’t use them.

Using Drones in Home Inspections for Hard-to-Reach Areas

There are parts of every home that are difficult to reach. A drone can safely access any location and obtain images or videos of features like the roof shingles, flashings, gutters, and siding. There may be areas of the home that are impossible to examine on foot. Steep metal roofs are often inaccessible and unsafe to walk on. It can be difficult to examine ridge vents on any roof. If a roof is in such poor repair that it is not safe to walk on, the inspector needs to use a drone to take photos of the damage. Without a drone, important data may be left out of the report.

Increased Safety for Inspectors

When the inspector uses a drone in home inspections, he or she usually does so because the area is difficult to access. With a drone, there is no risk of falling because the inspector doesn’t have to climb onto the roof. He or she may choose to walk the safer areas of the roof, then fill in the gaps by sending a drone for a closer look. Using drones in home inspections allows photo and video access to the most inaccessible parts of the home. Drones can capture views that would otherwise be impossible to see.

Better Assessment of Surroundings

A full report from a home inspector may include information about the land surrounding the home. The location and spacing of utilities and trees could factor into the value of the home. It may also indicate expenses that buyers may eventually face. With a drone, the home inspector gets an aerial view of the whole property, helping a potential buyer get a better understanding of the layout of the land.

Drones in home inspections contribute to better inspection reports, giving clients more information to make an informed decision.

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